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We are software solution provider based in Victoria, Australia and we develop Windows and Web based applications for small, mid-size and large enterprise customers. Our products are branded as Ritzy, Beyond and Vision and are marketed world-wide. Our domains are Shipping, Freight Forwarding, Inventory Control, Accounting and Cinema Ticketing.

Visit our company website for more info.  www.ritzy.net.au

Tel: +61 3 8376 6229

Ritzy Solutions Pty. Ltd.

305 Childs Road,

Mill Park, Victoria 3082,


Email: info@ritzy.net.au

Our Mission

Design and develop easy to operate, high quality and cost-effective software solutions using our expertise in the area of software development and database technologies.

Our Values

Ritzy Solutions was founded on a set of guiding values and doctrines, and we foster an environment to instill and support them in every aspect of an organization. For the successful accomplishment of our mission, we adhere to a set of values that we will always live up to.

We serve our customers

● with innovative responsive solutions to their software needs

● with a supportive atmosphere of mutual trust and respect

● by treating them in a trustworthy and objective manner, as we would want to    be treated

● by providing them with cost-effective software solutions

Why we?

Through industry and technology expertise plus collaborative, customer-focused links, we assist industries obtain and sustain significant results. The following are some concrete reasons to why you should consider us for your software needs:

● Strong software development experience

● Exposure to new technologies

● Cost-effective pricing and Flexible approach

● Friendly support and developer staffs

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