Budget Diary Tutorial FAQ
  1. Explain buttons and functions of Transaction Screen.
  2. How to enter my daily expenses?
  3. How to enter income transaction?
  4. What is Amount-transfer and how to enter it?
  5. Where can I see the balance of my Bank and Cash accounts?
  6. How to search for a transaction?  Where can I see the history of my transactions?
  7. How can I add  an account?
  8. How can I enter opening balance for an account?
  9. How to see balances of my Bank and Cash accounts?
  10. How to see the list of entries of a particular account?
  11. How can I create Budget for my Expenses and Income?
  12. What is Group Summary Report ?  How can I  customise this report?
  13. What is an account ledger? How can I list transactions of a particular account for a specific period?
  14. What is Tax Deductible Transaction Report?  How can I make use of this report for my Tax Returns?
  15. What is Analysis?  How can I use Analysis to drill-down to the details?
  16. How can I customise graph to Line, Pie, Area or Column type?
  17. What is the use of Document module?  How can I get expiry reminders for my important documents?
  18. How to use Diary and How can I put reminders?
  19. What is Dashboard?  What are the information’s displayed on this screen?
  20. How to make Backup of my data?
  21. How to Restore my data from backup?
  22. I have seen some sample account names in account list? How I can edit / delete those account name?
  23. I can see “Create Account” on transaction screen, what is the use for that?
  24. What is opening balance? Is it required to put opening balance for all account?
  25. What is the Opening balance on your credit card bill?
  26. What is use of “Clone” option in transaction screen?
  27. What is the use of “Memorise” option in transaction screen?
  28. How to register Budget diary?
  29. How can I retrieve password when I forget my password?
  30. What should I do if I click "Removed Registration" button accidentally in the registration details in “Setup” ?
  31. How to change screen appearance of budget diary?
  32. What is Drill down feature of Reports?
  33. How to modify the appearance of listing of “Transaction History” by dragging and dropping column header?