Budget Diary Reports

It is often convenient to have different reports to gain a better understanding of it, depending on what you may wish to analyze with the result.

Group Summary Report Account Ledger Tax Deductible Transactions

Group summary report is a flexible report showing summary of a selected account group. It is a cross tab report, which can be customized to view by weekly, quarterly, monthly and yearly by dragging and dropping the columns. Totals will be calculated dynamically , it also can be exported to Excel, PDF documents. The account group can be changed by selecting the drop down box on the header part.

Double click on the summary balance to get the detailed transaction list and again double click on any entry to take you to the source transaction for verification or editing purpose.

There are many deductions that you can claim for expenses incurred while performing your job, child’s education etc. but, to support your claim, you can log those tax returnable expenses through Budget Diary by ticking the option “Tax Deductible” in transaction screen and you can acquire those listing in Tax Deductible report for any specified period of time.

Account ledger report is to view details of account wise transactions of the selected account for the given period. Select account name on the left side in the account ledger and select the period “From” date and “To” date and click “Execute” to obtain transactions for a specific period of that selected account.

Select any account on the left side of the Account Ledger and double click on that account to view the detailed listing on the right side, double click on any entry to take you to the source transaction for editing or verification purpose.